This Sankey diagram of energy flows in a “pusher type reheating furnace” illustrates an article on ‘Reheating Furnaces in Steel Plants’ by Satyendra on the ISPAT Guru blog.

Unit of flow is not clear, but the main stream arriving from the top represents the baseline 100% (508 units) of which a portion can be recuperated and fed back into the furnace as preheated air.

From the Swiss Energy Statistics for 2005 published by BFS comes the following Sankey diagram.

Flows are in GWh. The large pale streams on the left are imports and exports. The vertical bands are domestic energy production (different types of electricity generation) at the top. A breakdown of the consuming sectors is shown in the lower part.

Will try to dig out a more recent energy balance for Switzerland to compare.

A web page of the federal german ministry for Environment, Climate and Energy in Baden-Wurttemberg informs companies about energy efficiency. Sankey diagrams are described as a useful instrument to detect hotspots for improvement and a tool in the framework of energy efficiency analysis.