Browsing through my bookmarks (plenty of Sankey diagrams there waiting to be shared with you) I wonder if I have previously presented this one.

This is a Sankey diagram of the global energy flows 2010 from the ‘World Energy Outlook 2012’ by OECD/IEA. Units are in Mtoe.

via Resources Research but the original post could well be from Peak Oil (Kjell Aleklett: An analysis of World Energy Outlook 2012 as preparation for an interview with Science)

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  1. Energy Balance for Guatemala | Sankey Diagrams Says:

    […] is quite interesting, especially if you compare it to similar diagrams of other countries or the world average. Wood is the most important energy in Costa Rica (green arrow ‘Leña’, 37.251 ktoe in […]

  2. phineas Says:

    This one was also twittered by Jos Olivier