A new web-based Sankey tool, Sankey Flow Show, is available from German software maker THORTEC Software. It promises “attractive flow diagrams made in minutes”.

And indeed the tool is rich in features and design options: Different node elements, shadow effect for arrows (called ‘connections’), toggle constant/Sankey connections style, and customizable data input are some of the highlights.

Here is one of the Sankey diagrams produced with Sankey Flow Show. See more samples here. You can sign-up for a free trial to check it out yourself.

I have added Sankey Flow Show to the list of Sankey software.

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  1. Rianne Says:

    I found this Sankey generator today via your links page, and it saved my ass on a project I’m working on. I think it’s the only online generator that can do recursive loops (like for an air preheater – 100% necessary for power plant analysis). It also checks the sums over each process, which saves SO much time.

    Until now I’ve been drawing the energy streams manually with flow chart arrow shapes in Google Sheets. So, thank you!!

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  3. hackathon Says:

    Ha, here from bing, this is what i was looking for.

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