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Simple Diagrams with SankeyMATIC

Steve Bogart has released a website for autoMATICally creating simple horizontal distribution diagrams. No need to install a tool, just go to sankeymatic.com and enter your values. On each line define source node, quantity in square brackets, destination node (e.g. “Budget [450] Housing” or “Budget [300] Food”). Columns and bands will be created automatically.

A number of options can be set, such as colors, spacing and labels. Finally, when you have created your diagram you can download it directly (three sizes/resolutions available).

This simple online tool is based on the open source tool D3.js and its Sankey library.

Try it out yourself!

I have added SankeyMATIC to the list of software tools for Sankey diagrams (seriously thinking about creating an own group for d3.js-based products).

Very Simple Online Sankey Diagrams

Found this very simple online Sankey diagram drawing application developed by Jan Stępień. It is a very very basic interface where you can define nodes (“Processes”) and streams (“Reagents”) between source and sink nodes. The whole thing is in black and white and you will get outputs like these:

I played around a bit with the tool, but didn’t quite manage to do my own Sankey diagram. See for yourself. The code is open source, so if anyone wants to contribute… I updated my software list.