A tiny example, but fun to see: income statement, apparently for a webhosting company. Operational Expenses (OPEX) in light blue, cost of goods sold (COGS) in light brown, net income in green. No currency given, I think this is just to convey the idea of “money flows” and to give an idea how data can be presented other than in tables.

This is from a post called “5 exciting alternatives to boring power points” at Speaking Power Point.

The detail shows though that even if Sankey diagrams are “sexier” than tables, you still need to pay attention to the details when drawing them. This one was apparently made in Power Point by joining shapes and arrows. Which wasn’t all that successful in some places, as the detail shows. Would have been better to use a Sankey diagram software.

One Response to “Be sexy, but mind the details”

  1. Ralph Says:

    What I was wondering about: the sums of the COGS and OPEX categories on the left and right side don’t match (76.000 vs. 74.000 and 54.000 vs. 53.000).
    The table in the post “5 exciting alternatives to boring power points” seems to feature the correct numbers:
    150.000 Sales
    -74.000 COGS
    = 76.000 Margin
    – 53.000 OPEX
    = 23.000 Net income