Month: October 2009

New Sankey Diagram Download Gallery

A couple of days ago I discovered a new gallery that is being provided on the e!Sankey Website, where Sankey diagram sample files can be downloaded. These files can be viewed and edited (the free trial version can be used for this). I have been picking diagrams from their forum and presented them here on the blog before. Now this is a great new source, and I hope the put up more files, as promised. They have different files on the English and the German gallery page, so make sure you check out both.

I especially liked this Sankey diagram for its great B/W retro look including a matching font. It is for an air separation unit (German ‘Luftzerlegungsanlage’, thanks!), and apparently sticks pretty much to the style of the original 1953 diagram by Grassmann. Nice curvy arrows, and a fill pattern that makes you dizzy…

Will present more samples from this gallery in the future.

Source-Destination Sankey Diagrams

andycrellin posted an inquiry on the board of the Flowing Data, regarding software for drawing so-called source-destintation split diagrams. Nathany answered pointing to the Sankey software list on this blog. Thanks!

This is andy’s colorful sample. Quite nice. I especially like the color gradients along the bands, a feature which – to my knowledge – none of the software tools currently supports.