Month: April 2012

Forced air and IR heating

The below two Sankey diagrams can be found in the following open access article: A. Kavga, G. Alexopoulos, V. Bontozoglou, S. Pantelakis, and Th. Panidis, “Experimental Investigation of the Energy Needs for a Conventionally and an Infrared-Heated Greenhouse,” Advances in Mechanical Engineering, vol. 2012, Article ID 789515, 16 pages, 2012. doi:10.1155/2012/789515

Conventional forced air heating of a greenhouse

Infrared (IR) heating of a greenhouse


The arrows have a fancy 3D effect. No quanitative reference is given, but the article mentions that “the diagrams are qualitatively representative of the energy flow of systems utilizing burners”.

Global Oil Flows

I am back after a few weeks of holiday. To get into posting again, here is a quick one I found at Graphic Design Forum in a discussion thread on software for creating trade flows (in this case oil flows) on a world map.

Flows in million tonnes (per year?). Scale element at the bottom left. No visible arrow direction, but instead a blue to green gradient on each band (blue for export, green for import). Middle East region being the largest exporter remains a problem with a very wide Sankey arrow leaving through the Indian Ocean.