Chemical Reaction Sankey

This rather simple Sankey diagram represents the idealized mass balance for making ammonium bicarbonate. The chemical reaction is H2O + NH3 + CO2 → NH4HCO3. It is taken from a Polish web page on chemical process technology.

The diagram is drawn with the freeware Sankey Helper. And it is nice to see that, while most of the Sankey diagrams are drawn with a left-to-right flow orientation, this one is top-to-bottom.

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  1. gashi says:


    I need to make one Kilo mixture of the following;
    1) water (25%)
    2) Ammonium Bicarbonate (35%)
    3) Mono-Methylamine (40%)

    Would you help and let me know that,
    How to mix them?
    Which one should be mixed first and why?

    Thank you.

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