Energy Flows in US Manufacturing Sector

From the report “Advancing the Landscape of Clean Energy Innovation” published February 2019 by Breakthrough Energy, IHS Markit, and Energy Futures Initiative comes the below Sankey diagram showing energy flows in the United States manufacturing sector.

Figure based on data from U.S. Department of Energy, 2010 Manufacturing Energy and Carbon Footprint. Flows are in Trillion BTUs (TBtu, Trillion British thermal units). Energy used in manufacturing is steam (heat), electricity and fuels. Energy use is broken down into 5 types of processes in the manufacturing sector. “Applied Energy” is shown in green (58%), and use losses in light grey (42%).


  1. Richard says:

    Excellent visuals. May I ask, what software is used to produce Sankey diagrams?
    Thank you.

  2. I like this sort of Sankeys.. Easy to comunicate- but politicians and lawyers don’ understand them. Nevertheless!
    Do you know of a nice example of Animation (Timeline) of World emissions of CO2, methane etc in one Chart? And use in AR/VR ?

    P.S. I am a maker of 3D datasculptures.

  3. phineas says:

    @Volker: not aware of any readily available animation (time series) of world GHG emissions. WRI has the data on their website (go to CAIT Historical Emission Data), so that would sure be a nice project to do an animation.

    If you are into 3D data sculptures you might like this one: 1913 public transport 3D map

    Check posts with tag ‘3D’

  4. phineas says:

    @Richard, I guess this is from their own ‘interactive Dynamic Manufacturing Energy Sankey Tool’ with some graphic design tweaks for the report. Check out here for different manufacturing sectors.

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