From Russia with Sankey…

Using e!Sankey myself, I am also a subscriber to the e!Sankey board, so that I get a toast message every time someone posts over there…

Recently they had a post with a sample Sankey diagram in Russian.

A short interpretation is difficult for me this time, as I don’t understand Russian. I can detect a copper, zinc and lead flow labeled with element names (Cu, Zn, Pb) and iron. One color is used for all flows. The quantities are in tons.

Anyone can explain more of this Sankey diagram?

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  1. Andrei Lukianov says:

    Hi, Phineas! Thanks for your blog.

    This sankey diagram depicts cadmium flow in Federal Republic of Germany in 1986. As I can see, it scopes out mainly the production stage of cadmium.

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