Find the error…

Just back from a short break. A few nice Sankey diagrams and links to interesting diagrams in my inbox. To get into regular blogging mode again, here is one from my bookmark folder. Enjoy. More to come soon…

A simple percentage breakdown of mass inputs and outputs. Even though it only has 5 arrows (2 in, 3 out) there is an error in this Sankey diagram. Who can spot it? First commenter to tell the answer will get a honorable mention.


  1. Maths are is hard, dur… 12.5% + 8.5% + 75% = 96%
    That’s like totally almost 100%, man.

  2. phineas says:

    Absolutely right, Shalom, this is the obvious error in the diagram!! Congrats.

  3. Michael says:

    Maybe the other 4% is a unidentified loss in the system?

  4. phineas says:

    Michael, that’s possible. But then the stacked arrows on the left and on the right hand side of the center shouldn’t have the same height, should they?

  5. l-ambda says:

    Catalyst should be in right side too, it can’t be used in reaction (as I understand).

  6. Jack says:

    Actually, it is a diagram which is used in my last assignment and we should calculate the unknown output in that question.

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