New version 2.4 of Sankey Helper

Gabor Doka has relased an updated version of his freeware tool Sankey Helper. The new version 2.4 has a macro for one-step default diagram generation, as well as enhanced colouring features such as using colours from data cells, and creation of colour hue variations. I haven’t tested the new release myself, but will keep you posted after doing so.


  1. Anthony says:

    Trying to use Sankey Helper 2.4_1 in Excel 2007 but get a bug. Not good with macros but the debug says it due to a division by zero and shows the following section

    widflo = spos + sneg
    widcon = ndist * (npos + nneg – 2) + 3 * pdist + 2 * adist * 2 * rmin
    ‘ calculate scaling factor for a diagram of appropriate height
    sf = (ddist – widcon) / widflo

    presumably widflo is zero and giving this error..

    any help appredciated


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