Sankey diagrams on flickr (2)

I remember how a couple of years ago we used to play the board game ‘Settlers of Catan’ for hours and hours… I never got ’round to trying the computer game though.

Now I was reminded of these times by a Sankey diagram “showing the resource chains in Settlers 2” that I found on flickr.

Brandel Zachernuk (go to ‘The Desk of Brendel Zachernuk’), who was so kind to give me permission to show his work of art here on the blog, wrote:

I only recently discovered the style of diagram as an approach and was quite surprised they aren’t more frequently used to explain resource flows.
I know that my diagram isn’t strictly a Sankey diagram because the width of the lines doesn’t correspond to anything …

Still, this is a lovely one, and it merits to be presented here! I admire the chain of developments men seems to have to go through: from water and fish and meat (hey, why no beer?) to nourishing people who produce iron ore, coal, tools, and eventually weapons. Some call it technological progress, others unsustainable use of natural ressources.