now on WP 2.5

I have updated from WordPress 2.3.3 to the long-awaited version 2.5. While the visitors of the blog might not even notice any difference, the management of the blog via the admin dashboard looks much more comfortable and cleaner to me. I have already played with the improved tags (tags are also visible in the footer of each post again), but still have to experiment with the new built-in galleries. Kudos to the guys at WP, you’ve done a good job. And thanks King Louie for helping me with the update!

Just for fun – here’s my Sankey-diagram-like schematic display of the upgrade to WP 2.5. The magnitude of the arrows this time do NOT represent anything (neither lines of code nor the amount of satisfaction with each feature….)


  1. King Louie says:

    Gosh – a first Sankey concerning software-development!

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