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Sankey GDPR choice

Among the literally hundreds of e-mails that flooded my inbox the last couple of days, urging me to consent to receiving e-mails in the future, one particularly caught my attention, since it used a Sankey diagram pic to convey the message:

My choice made clear in a simple visualization … Did I click the button? Yes I did!

2016 Wishes Sankey Diagram

OK, this doesn’t claim to be scientific at all. Credits for this idea go to Mariluz Congosto who did such a New Year’s Wishes Sankey Diagram in Spanish two years ago.

This time I refrain from criticism of the Sankey diagram. I could say that there are no units given for the flow quanities. Also, weight of the contributions to the four categories will in most personal cases not be equal. Love must certainly have a much fatter arrow. For some, prosperity might have more importance. Are the categories weighted properly amongst each other? Are the colors chosen appropriately? 😉

Best wishes to all readers of the blog. Have a very happy new year 2016 full of health, happiness, luck and prosperity! For a recipe use the Sankey diagram above.

Original Sankey diagram for 2014 by Mariluz Congosto with whom I share an afición:

I used to hang out with this guy…

Reblogged from ‘I Love Charts’ blog, an absolute cutie:

I used to hang out with this guy who I thought was really sweet. We always hung out together because we were working on a group project that involved sankey diagrams, so before I had to delete the software, I made this diagram of all our shenanigans which, as you can see, involved us making acting like we were 10. I guess he lost interest so I never had the opportunity to send it to him, but how can I put such a well executed diagram to waste? You did mention once that you don’t get enough Sankey Diagrams 🙂