Floating 3D Sankey diagram

Another runner-up in my private “Fancy Sankey Diagram” contest definitely is this Sankey diagram shown on a webpage of the Longford Environmental Alliance (LEA) from Ireland.

It visualizes the “Energy Balance for 2005 as a flow diagram showing our inputs from the left hand side and our outputs or usages on the right hand side.” It is a 3-D image, and kind of floats above the ground, although it doesn’t have a fancy shadow effect as this one does.

I have shown similar diagrams for California, Japan, Sri Lanka, Scotland and the U.S. before. In these national energy balances the various energy sources are shown as entries from the left, while consuming sectors (or the “sinks”) are displayed as output arrows. This Irish Sankey diagram distinguishes ‘Agriculture’ as a separate sector.

Well done √Čire, home of late Mr. Sankey…


  1. phineas says:

    Here is the link to the original publication by SEI
    (watch out, it might not detect the PDF type)
    Energy In Ireland 1990-2005 (2006 report); PDF, 2MB
    Energy in Ireland 1990 – 2004 (2005 report); PDF, 1,140KB

    They didn’t publish the energy flow Sankey in the Energy In Ireland 1990-2006 (2007 report).

  2. An updated and original diagram for 2007 can be seen on
    http://www.sei.ie/Publications/Statistics_Publications/EPSSU_Publications/Energy_in_Ireland_Key_Statistics/Energy_in_Ireland_Key_Statistics_2008.pdf pg. 7

    But how in sam hall did they make this ? E-sankey doesn’t seem to do 3-d, I suspect that a graphic artist was behind it all.

    / Colm

  3. phineas says:

    @Colm: Thanks for pointing me to the updated version of this diagram. Here is the post.

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