Household Packaging Waste Recycling

This Sankey diagram on recycling of household packaging waste is one of the sample files shipped with the new e!Sankey software release.

The overall household waste collected passes several processing/recovery steps where white metal, aluminium, plastics and paper are separated from the stream. These recovered materials add up to 36% recycled material.

Values seem to be fictitious, and flows are fed from an Excel spreadsheet, where you can modify the recovery quota for each material. The Sankey diagram reacts to values changing and updates the arrows accordingly. Nice !


  1. Tobi says:

    Hi Phineas,
    there is a typo in the title of your latest blog (“Recylcing”). Thanks for running this blog!

  2. Is there any means that we can apply for construction of the household packaging recycling station here in our municipality? Land is available for this industry and we will associate with recycling compost products.

  3. The name of municipality is Morogoro Municipal Council, In the United Republic of Tanzania.

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