Just back from a short late summer holiday, enjoying a few “Sankey-free” days at the coast. To get going again I am presenting a Sankey diagram you might have seen already. It is Gabor Doka’s sample diagram for his ‘Sankey Helper’ application.

Sankey diagram created with Sankey Helper 2.1 (by G.Doka)

The tool comes as a Microsoft Excel workbook, with a number of macros and a toolbar that allows to create shapes and assignments from the data sheet to these shapes. Of course, graphical layout capacities of this helper tool is limited, however, simple diagrams can be drawn easily once you understand how to handle it.

Sankey Helper 2.1 is freeware – err, sorry! – “Sankeyware”. You must sent the author a Sankey diagram you created, but otherwise there is no cost. Nice idea! Download Sankey Helper from Gabor Doka’s website.

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