Water Flows in Electro Plating

Austrian consulting company Stenum has revamped their Sankey Editor 2008 website a little bit, and they added new sample Sankey diagrams. The ones shown below are for the water flows of an electro-plating factory before and after optimization.



The diagram is in German, but I can understand as much as this: All flows are in cubic metres. Apart from the hydrogen peroxide flow entering from the top the flows shown all run from the source (water supply) to the sink (waste water treatment), the nodes in the middle (flushing, backflushing?) are the actual breakdown of the water flows. These nodes are adapted to the arrow width – a nice feature.

On top of that, blue seems the right choice for both water and H2O2 flows.

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  1. Draconis says:

    This is merely a FYI from a native German ^^
    Positive about flushing and backflushing, but I will explain:
    Input is city water, output is waste water processing.
    The water flow breakdown points are, from top to bottom:
    – Etchant
    – Flushing
    – Backflushing / retardation
    – Backflushing selective ion exchanger
    – Backflushing clear water IT
    I _hope_ I used meaningful english words; I am not sure about the slective ion exchanger, for example.

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