World Greenhouse Gases as Sankey

A great Sankey diagram is available in the Charts&Maps section on the website of the World Resources Institute (WRI), “an environmental think tank that goes beyond research”.

It shows the sectors from which greenhouse gases (GHGs) are released (such as energy generation, land use change, agriculture) and the end use areas or activities, through which CO2, methane and others gases are relased.

Data is for 2000, the diagram was published in 2005. A very well done Sankey diagram indeed, and highly educational.

Unfortunately a request for showing this Sankey diagram here on the blog was not granted by WRI, and an attempt to purchase the publication right (OK, it was not an attempt, it was a price inquiry only) was in vain.

I have to respect WRI’s copyright policies, so you have to click here to view the World GHG Sankey diagram, or download the large version PDF.

They also did a Sankey diagram on U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions, available on their website and as a PDF. Enjoy!


  1. Tim Herzog says:

    Hi phineas: thanks for the shout-out on the diagram. WRI generally gives people rights to put our charts on other websites, so long as they cite WRI and link back to the original page. I don’t know why permission wasn’t granted in your case, but consider it done if you want to post the chart here (PDFs are another matter; we encourage people to link to our site, but not copy the PDFs themselves to other servers).

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