Exergy and Enthalpy Sankey Diagrams

Found the two Sankey diagrams on the website of the Exergy Design Joint Research Lab of Osaka University in Japan. The diagrams are for enthalpy and exergy in a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC). Can’t fully understand what it means, but both are simple breakout Sankey diagrams that could also be presented as a pie chart.

The first one is titled “Enthalpy Sankey Diagram”:

The second one is a “Exergy Sankey Diagram”:

Anybody care to explain more?
Looking at the choice of color one could be led to believe that enthalpy is female, while exergy is male.

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  1. Victor G Martinez says:

    I’m not an expert, but exergy is the available energy to perform work, this means that not all energy stored can be transformed, some is lost (entropy). I guess that is why is 99.7%
    Enthalpy is the total heat change in a chemical reaction. I don’t speak Japanese, but I imagine with the diagram they are explaining what is happening with that exergy and enthalpy in a particular process.

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